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ROSTER 2022 2023


Territory France – In agreement with Musicastrada Booking & Management


Fanfara Station is a trance-inducing celebration with a brass band, an entire North African rhythm section and pumping electro dance beats setting the pace – all created by just three musicians, thanks to some skillful use of loop stations and live overdubbing of an arsenal of instruments. Inspired by singer, composer, woodwind wielder and noted percussionist, Marzouk Mejri’s memories of his father’s brass band in Tunisia, the Naples and Florence based trio set out to build their own. Kentucky-born trumpeter and trombonist Charles Ferris layers up the loops and drops glittering improvisational flourishes while master programmer Ghiaccioli & Branzini directs the dance-floor dynamics. Three international Italians, one based in Naples and the other two in Florence Tuscany, Fanfara Station pay tribute to the epic feats of the Mediterranean’s migrants, the musical cultures of the African diaspora and southern Europe’s ancient links to the Middle East, the Maghreb and the Americas.



VAITEANI French Polynesia

Territory World

Listening to VAITEANI is like watching snow fall on the surface of a lagoon. It is unexpected and beautiful. With their first album, they welcomed us into their world : with folk songs written both in tahitian and in english, far from the clichés. Sincerity in the voice and in the melodies. Powerful lyrics tastefully arranged like the lace embroidered on the dresses the singer wears on stage. The couple showed how well they could share their world with the audience within just a few notes. In their new album, VAITEANI evolve and deviate their original polynesian folk music on the path of fluorescent pop. A transposition gracefully achieved that keeps the duo’s dna intact. Still the perfect english and the ancestral tahitian to speak. The songs are like the islands of an archipelago. They invite us to board on a double canoe and to navigate in the warm waters of the Pacific.

KORA JAZZ TRIO Senegal / France

Territory World

Jazz and Mandinka music seem to fit together seamlessly. The concept behind the Kora Jazz Trio is held aloft by Abdoulaye Diabaté, a pianist and the main composer behind this project which was born in his mind when he still resided in Dakar. Having served alongside other greats (Salif Keita, Papa Wemba…), the man who gave direction to the Orchestre National du Sénégal chose to give life to a formula which combined the piano, an emblem of Western temperament, with the kora, a symbol of African modulation. This decision was made at the turn of the millennium, and today, it has proved its worth.


Territory World

David Aubaile (piano) and Frédéric Deville (cello) write music that is both highly legible and positive, borrowing seamlessly from the classical form, drawing on its enduring ability to broaden emotions. In the original compositions of Dolce Ostinato, their melodies are intimately woven into the solid rhythmic orchestration, anchored at the crossroad of their experiences. Aubaile is a self-taught pianist who has been exploring jazz and its derivatives while Deville became a classical cellist invested in creating contemporary pieces. Together, they boldly explore the sounds of jazz, with Mediterranean and odd rhythms, rubatos typical of chamber music, and picturesque melodies becoming audible frescoes. The cover illustrates similar blends, hinting at classicism but replete with colourful and iconoclastic musical elements, some anachronistic, reaped over the years by two roving musicians.


Territory France

It’s no secret: the music industry makes new “stars” like a production-line.  All the more reason to welcome arms wide “Les Brünettes”, four young confident women who found their own path: The female way of a cappella. Described by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (the widest-circulated German newspaper abroad and a leader in Germany), as a “beauty voluptuously aristocratic” (sic!), Les Brünettes were invited on television shows, including ZDF Heute Journal, the Kölner Treff of WDR, Kaffee oder Tee (SWR, “Tea or Coffee”), at the Landesschau Baden-Württemberg, and also on radio shows, some of which Klassik-Pop-et cetera (Deutschland Funk), and are widely followed by the press.


Territory : World

Hono WINTERSTEIN a du corps, l’énergie de ce feu que les #Manouches ont volé en riant. Une énorme présence en scène comme à l’écran. Et surtout, l’humble perfection de la « pompe », ce battement impeccable qui fait le leader s’envoler. Le Monde

Du jazz manouche qui sort du lot ! La variété des titres, des rythmes et des tempos nous fait passer un agréable moment de musique comme on les aime ! Music Actu Over Blog

Si vous êtes dingues de swing manouche, impossible de ne pas avoir déjà croisé sa route ! Hono Winterstein est un incontournable du genre et l’un des grands maîtres de la pompe, la fameuse guitare rythmique au coeur de cette tradition musicale. TSF Jazz

Infatigable guitariste rythmique, Hono Winterstein est un expert avisé de la « pompe manouche ». Un métronome humain tout à son aise sur cet album où celui qui s’illustre d’ordinaire comme accompagnateur de Biréli Lagrène. L’Alsace




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